Leo Son & The Q-Tip Bandits

Since their inception in early 2018, Leo Son & The Q-Tip Bandits have coalesced into a vibrant emerging act on the Boston music scene. Boasting a full-bodied, sweetly-flowing sound backed by the raw energy of rock and the colors of R&B and funk, they can make you sway and make you swoon. Claire Davis and Andrew Paolini hold down the grooves while Leo Son brings his mellifluous, soul-inspired riffs and moving lyrics to the front of the stage. Their sound will linger in your mind for days.

The alchemy the band divines on stage will energize big rooms and enrapture intimate venues. Leo Son & the Q-Tip Bandits is a trio of artists who will be electrifying the music scene for years to come.

Spencer E. Zubrow

111 Gainsborough Street

Boston, MA 02115

Cell: 1-973-224-6031

Office: 1-908-299-6212


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